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Use the Nomenclature to better ID your Eaton Fuller 13 Speed Transmission:

Eaton Fuller 13 Speed ID

Example: RTLO-14713A-T2

FR = Fuller Roadranger

R = Roadranger

T = Twin Countershaft

L = Low-Inertia Concept

O = Overdrive

X = Overdrive

First & Second Digits x 100 = Nominal Torque Capacity

Third Digit = Design Level

Fourth & Fifth Digits 09 = Forward Speeds

Sixth Digit A = Ratio Model

T2 = Top two Model

“Super 13” features patented low-inertia design concept that makes shifting smoother, faster, and easier than ever before.
• Ratio flexibility with 16.9 to 1 overall reduction.
• Gathered gear ratios in hi-range provide potential fuel savings by helping keep
RPM’s low to remain in the engine’s optimum fuel efficiency band.
• Simplified shifting with preselect on all button shifts.
• Faster, smoother range and splitter shifts and improved cold weather performance due to design improvements.
• On selected models an optimized lubrication system provides increased cooling and lubrication for more difficult, harder working applications.
• Quieter operation and increased durability with helical gears in auxiliary section.
• 0.73 and 0.86 overdrives for optimum cruise RPMs.


Clutch Housing:
• SAE # 1 and # 2. Cast iron and aluminum available.

PTO Openings:
• Right side, a 45-tooth 6/8 pitches gear. Left side, a 47-tooth 6/8 pitches gear. Both gears turn at .79 of engine speed.

Oil Capacity:
• Approx. 28 pints [13.25 liters]. Integral oil pump available. Standard on 16913A and 18913A. Oil to water heat exchanger standard on 18913A and 20913A models (Requires 2 pints [.95 liters] additional lubricant.

• Adds 10 lbs. [4.55 kg] to weight).