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FS5306A Parts Manual FS5406A Parts Manual FS5406N Parts Manual
FS6206A Parts Manual FS6306A Parts Manual FS6406A Parts Manual
FS6406N Parts Manual FS7206A Parts Manual FS8206A Parts Manual
FSB5406B Parts Manual FSO6406A Parts Manual FSO8406A Parts Manual
Eaton Fuller 6 Speed Transmission parts manuals.
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Use the Nomenclature to better ID your Eaton Fuller 6 Speed Transmission Parts manual list:


Eaton Fuller 6 Speed ID

All but AutoShift

How to ID Fuller 6 Speed

Example: FS-5306A

First & Second Digits FS = Fuller Synchronized

Third Digit x 100 = Nominal Torque Capacity

Fourth Digit = Design Level

Fifth & Sixth Digits 06 = Forward Speeds

Sixth Digit A = Ratio Set

Eaton Fuller 6 Speed delivers up to 60 to 70 % lower life cycle cost than a conventional automatic!

– No clutch adjustments

–Up to $1,800 in possible cost savings!

– Longer wearing synchronizer material decreases synchronizer replacements — up to $1,300 in possible savings!

• Extended component life

– New synchronizers are the most durable in the industry, with greater wear resistance for longer life.

– Improved transmission seals deliver greater protection against damage caused by lube loss.

– Clutch has self-adjusting feature to eliminate adjustments and extend life.

FS-5306A FS-6306A FS-5406A FSO-6406A FS-6306B FS-6406A FSO-8406A

• Increased up time and improved productivity

– no clutch adjustments, more durable synchronizers and improved seals means less required maintenance resulting in increased vehicle up time and improved productivity.

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