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Use the Nomenclature to better ID your Eaton Fuller 18 Speed Transmission:


Eaton Fuller 18 Speed ID

All but AutoShift

Eaton Fuller 18 Speed ID

Example: RTLO-14718

FR = Fuller Roadranger

R = Roadranger

T = Twin Countershaft

L = Low-Inertia Concept

O = Overdrive

X = Overdrive

First & Second Digits x 100 = Nominal Torque Capacity

Third Digit = Design Level

Fourth & Fifth Digits 18 = Forward Speeds

Automated shifting on proven ratio 10-speed transmission models.
• Shift-by-wire eliminates mechanical lever shifting, keeping both hands on the wheel.
• Clutch necessary for start-up and stop ping only, prolonging clutch life.
• Computer controlled shifts at ideal engine speed for best efficiency and performance.
• Enhanced reverse operation due to multiple slow reverse ratios.
• Reduces potential for drive train abuse by inexperienced drivers.
• Accurate diagnosis and repair with continuous electronic self-diagnostics.
• Requires appropriate electronic engine and engine brake.

Clutch Housing:
• SAE #1 and #2
• Grey iron or aluminum available.
Power Take-Offs:
• 2 SAE standard openings.
• Right side, regular duty, 6-bolt, short length.
• Bottom, heavy-duty, 8-bolt.
PTO Drive Gears:
• Right side, 45-tooth, 6/8 pitch.
• Bottom, 47-tooth, 6/8 pitch. B ratio PTO gear turns at .94 engine speed. C ratio PTO gear turns at .70 engine speed.
Oil Capacity:
• Approx. 28 pints [13.3 liters].
• Integral oil pump standard on all models.
• Oil to water heat exchanger standard on all models (Requires 2 pints [.95 liters] additional lubricant. Adds 10 lbs. [4.53 kg] to weight).